2022 survey results: How RingCentral is helping business driving value through their contact center

Deploying cloud communications, collaboration, and contact center solutions is not just good for simplifying customer experience, it is great for driving value across the business. RingCentral offers contact center (CCaaS) solutions with deep integration with unified communications (UCaaS) that enables easy collaboration across all your employees to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences for your customers.

Tapping into our global customer community, RingCentral surveyed RingCentral customers to learn the business value derived across five (5) categories of metrics: return on investment and general business, cost reduction/IT, employee productivity and business agility, business process improvement/ workforce mobility and customer experience.

The results of the survey are summarized across 22 metrics to show how RingCentral CX solutions have helped our customers. Use these as benchmarks for your own deployment objectives and customer experience goals.


  • Increase revenue and save costs
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Increase agents productivity 
  • Improve collaboration with experts across company
  • Improve contact center efficiency

Increase revenue and save costs

With businesses looking to do more with less, and general inflation on the rise, priorities for organiztions are changing with a focus on the contact center. Cost savings and generating revenue has become a common concern for contact center managers.

💥RingCentral customer success metrics: In a 2022 survey of over 1,300 RingCentral customers, on average our customers see a 46% increased in revenue growth and a 24% increased in average revenue per agent with RingCentral contact center products.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide the best tools to increase agents’ productivity without sacrificing customer or agent satisfaction.

Improve customer experience

All specialists agree on this point to make a difference, your best leverage is to provide the best experience to your customers.

Today, contact center managers are tasked with delivering customer delight in every possible manner while balancing agent workload and satisfaction. The answer lies in the ability to provide agents with the best tools to meet and exceed customer expectations by answering inquiries quickly, limiting holding time, providing channels of their choice, and routing callers to the right agent.

Smart routing and intelligent distribution of tasks amongst agent will help achieving top notch service and greatly increase customer satisfaction. 

💥RingCentral customer success metrics: According to a 2022 survey, RingCentral customers saw a 47% increased in customer satisfaction with RingCentral contact center products.

Increase agents productivity

Simplify the delivery of end-to-end customer experience (CX) services, while boosting efficiency of your agents. But your agents’ productivity is also linked to your agents’ happiness. Tasks can become monotonous and frustrating for agents, be sure to provide them with well integrated and easy to use tools to simplify their experience and increase their engagement. Encourage them to use the latest technology with an omnichannel experience to break monotony.

💥RingCentral customer success metrics: According to a 2022 survey, RigCentral customers saw a 45% increased in employee productivity with RingCentral contact center products.

This study of over 1,000 RingCentral customers demonstrates how we are moving the needle on business value metrics such as return on investment, employee productivity, workforce mobility, and customer experience.

Improve collaboration with experts across the company

Time is of the utmost importance for agents when they’re in conversation with a disappointed or upset customer. Allowing agents to easily connect with an expert to assist them can help to deescalate the conversation and resolve customer issues fast and right the first time.

Integrate your collaboration tools to give visibility to your employees’ availability or to connect seamlessly without changing interface and limit agents wasting time searching for the right answers.

💥RingCentral customer success metrics: According to a 2022 survey, RigCentral customers saw a 54% increase in resource access with RingCentral contact center products.

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