Raven Housing Trust

Raven Housing Trust worked with us at ATCX to find the right solution to decommission legacy systems and enhance employee mobility.

Providing affordable housing to UK residents for two decades

A registered UK social landlord, Raven Housing Trust builds, manages, and maintains affordable housing for thousands of families. Since its founding in 2002, the nonprofit has built more than 1,000 new homes, invested more than £170 million to improve existing homes, and is on track to develop another 1,100 properties by 2023. Underscoring the organisation’s commitment to outstanding service, Raven maintains a 100% record of completing emergency repairs for its residents within 24 hours.

Maintaining outstanding customer service required a better telephony solution

With responsibility for the homes of so many people, Raven’s customer support team fields an enormous number of inquiries from residents – responding to 11,979 requests for property repairs in 2020 alone. As the company grew and added more rental customers, the increasing call volume placed pressure on its legacy phone system. Nor was that the only challenge, as the infrastructure was built upon disparate phone systems, resulting in even simple changes requiring assistance from the vendor.

AllThingsCX helps identify the right solution

Martin Honeywood, Raven’s Programme Director, turned to the consultants at AllThingsCX to help the company find and implement a unified cloud communications solution both for employees’ business telephony needs and the company’s contact centre operations. Having a respected third-party expert, he notes, made what could have been a difficult transition very smooth.

“AllThingsCX took the time to listen to our needs, learn about our company, and help us define a strategy for identifying the best cloud communications solution for our purposes. They provided great assurance from the start that we were making the right decision by providing relevant information to show us that they understood the market and avoid a lot of pitfalls that would have resulted in wasted cost.”

“When that strategy led Raven to RingCentral, AllThingsCX served as an excellent partner in helping the company roll out their new unified communications solution. We helped to set up a call queue for Raven’s internal help desk, just one of many features that made the rollout smooth and fast. ”

Functioning more efficiently with RingCentral

From a business telephony standpoint, RingCentral helped Raven make many of its regular workflows more efficient than ever. Additionally, having the RingCentral softphone on their laptops and mobile apps on their phones is also giving Raven’s staff more mobility than they’ve ever had. The system has allowed employees to stay accessible to each other and customers in ways that weren’t possible before.

Improving the customer and employee experience with RingCentral Contact Centre and ATCX support

For Raven’s high-volume customer support department, the company has seen even more significant operational improvements—particularly in terms of delivering outstanding customer service. RingCentral Contact Centre has provided the company with sophisticated menus and skill-based routing that wasn’t available via the old phone systems. As well as helping with the implementation, Raven was also keen to utilise ATCX’s services further to help with its internal IT help desk.

Creating more efficiencies: integrating RingCentral into Dynamics 365

Raven’s customer support team is enjoying even more workflow improvements after implementing the RingCentral integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Raven’s CRM. The system allows customer support agents to see the callers profile before they pick up the phone, giving them a clear idea of who they’re dealing with. This system has also allowed, Raven’s customer support team to quickly identify and be in a better position to help its most vulnerable customers.

The addition of RingCentral, implemented with the assistance of ATCX has put Raven in the perfect position to meet its goals in terms of customer service, provided the company with greater flexibility, and allowed them to expand Contact Centre operations.

“One of my favourite aspects of RingCentral is its ability to scale with us no matter how much or how quickly we grow. We’re an ambitious company, and we know we’ll need more communications capability over time. With RingCentral, it’s going to be so easy to add users, expand our Contact Centre operations, and spin up new offices if needed. And that gives us tremendous peace of mind.”

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