Cloud Phone Systems

AllThingsCX is proud to offer the industry-leading RingCentral Cloud Phone System, designed to transform the way your team handles calls. Say goodbye to slow and inefficient processes caused by managing multiple CMS systems. With RingCentral, your agents will have all the information they need about the caller in one easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

RingCentral is the only unified cloud phone service, seamlessly integrating digital and voice channels for a more intuitive and insightful experience. From the moment a customer calls, your agents will have access to everything they need to provide the best possible service and help customers along their journey.

Transform the way you handle calls with RingCentral. Learn more by visiting our article or contacting us at 020 8124 3446 to request more information or a trial of one of the best cloud phone systems available.

The No.1 Cloud Phone Systems

Welcome to AllThingsCX, your trusted provider of the best cloud phone systems on the market. Upgrade your cloud-based phone service with RingCentral, the industry’s leading unified cloud telephone system. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of choosing and implementing the right solution for your business, whether it’s Contact Centre Communications (CCaaS) or Unified Communications (UCaaS).

With RingCentral, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive, interactive platform that makes it easy to handle calls, resolve customer queries, and provide complete satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure a smooth digital transformation, helping you switch from your current business phone setup to cloud communications.

At AllThingsCX, we’re your strategic partner, offering a strong and robust portfolio of market-leading solutions that are constantly expanding. With our carefully curated technology partnerships, RingCentral is the only solution you’ll need for all your business calls. Enjoy advanced features, seamless integration, and robust benefits, all from a single, trusted platform.

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What Is Our Cloud Phone System?

NICE CXone – A World Leader in Contact Centre Solutions (CCaaS) NICE CXone is a cloud-based phone system that offers a truly unified and intelligent solution to your contact centre needs. As a world leader in CCaaS, NICE CXone provides a range of powerful features to enhance your customer experience and improve the efficiency of your agents. Here are some of the key features of NICE CXone:

Routing and Management of Customer Calls: Customer calls are routed through your preferred carrier (PSTN, PBX, Third Party) and managed by NICE CXone. The system then routes the call to the best available agent anywhere in the world.

Seamless Omnichannel Experience: NICE CXone offers a unified desktop experience, bringing together all relevant channels, over 30 digital and voice, and all related applications, such as CRM, Workforce Optimisation, and Unified Communications. The system allows for seamless switching to a better channel, resulting in improved First Contact Resolution (FCR) and agent efficiency.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence: NICE CXone introduces market-leading artificial intelligence technologies that assist with repetitive tasks, freeing up agents to focus on more complex issues. Bots can help customers self-serve or assist agents with updating information across multiple systems.

Efficient Agent Routing: Calls are routed to the best available agent based on factors such as skills, performance, and customer profile. Agents can receive calls from a call centre, at home, or on their mobile phone, ensuring 24/7 availability and minimizing call hold times.

Secure and Reliable: All calls are encrypted, secured, and have a voice-quality Service Level Agreement (SLA). Customer history is automatically pulled from the CRM, so agents don’t have to juggle multiple applications.

Simplified Administration: The NICE CXone Admin Console provides a simple and intuitive way to configure and manage your cloud phone services, with the ability to cascade changes across apps. Global scheduling and real-time routing rule changes are also possible.

Cost-Effective: NICE CXone eliminates heavy capital investment, integration fees, maintenance costs, and upgrade expenses, resulting in substantial savings for your business. The system is also highly scalable and provides instant disaster recovery, making it suitable for businesses of any size.

Enhanced User Experience: With globally distributed Voice Points of Presence (POPs), calls are kept in-region, ensuring low latency and clear voice quality. You only have one partner to work with, who will design, build, and operate your cloud phone systems.

Win the experience economy, refresh your contact centre, empower your agents to succeed, and impress your customers. Contact NICE CXone today to learn more about their intelligent and unified cloud-based phone platform.

CX Consultancy

About Us

At AllThingsCX, we’re delighted to be the company of choice for businesses looking to take their phones to the next level. We offer industry-leading contact centre, and unified communications support, helping businesses better serve their customers.

What sets us apart from the providers of other business phone services is that we offer a versatile service. Ours is the first unified communications platform that pulls all channels and related apps into one place. We cater to the requirements of all clients, offering access to innovative and easy-to-use cloud-based phone technologies.

We offer cloud telephone systems that maximise efficiencies and improve business practices across the board. In our years of operation, we’ve overseen the installation of thousands of unified communications transformations, contact centre modernisation programmes, and managed lifecycle solutions.

With AllThingsCX by your side, you’ll receive strategic advice, helping to improve the way you communicate with your customers. You’ll be assured of first-class service delivered by a team that always conducts itself in a professional manner. You have goals to achieve, and our goal is to help you achieve yours.

Over the years, we have played a role in reshaping the way in which people throughout the business world communicate. Over the last ten or so years, a new wave of useful and innovative technologies has risen to prominence. It’s of great pride to us that we are one of the first consultancy firms to manage and deliver one of the biggest UK cloud telephony transformation projects ever seen.

We’re driven to innovate further, making full use of the most current communication transformation technologies available on the market.

We recognise how important your time is, and we know just what it takes to establish and maintain consistent and meaningful professional relationships with communication transformation experts. Our team comprises real-world consultants and project managers who you can count on to assist you whenever you need it.

You’ll receive a rapid response when it comes to customer support, ensuring your problems are resolved in a timely fashion. We seek to understand your needs and goals so that we can anticipate your requirements and react that much quicker.

Lastly, we place the technological requirements of our clients at the forefront of what we do. We’re not driven by sales but by a desire to ensure our customers are wholly satisfied with the cloud based phone services we provide them. You can expect a swift and efficient process, helping you get set up as quickly as possible.

With AllThingsCX by your side, managing your business with cloud-based phone systems has never been easier!

Our Technologies

With customers calling daily, you need an effective way to handle these incoming calls while improving FCR rates. This is a goal that every business that handles calls has in common. Where these businesses differ is the technology that they use to assist those calling.

There are two cloud-based phone technologies to choose from:

These technologies are detailed below.


First up, UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service is a cloud delivery model that provides various collaboration and communications services and applications in one.

UCaaS phones come with a broad range of features, such as:

  • Enterprise Messaging
  • Presence Technology
  • Online Meetings
  • Team Collaboration
  • Telephony and Video Conferencing

With UCaaS phones, you can enjoy scalability and flexibility for all your primary business operations. UCaaS phones can even support contact centre functionality, such as auto-attendant, interactive voice response, call routing, and customer relationship management (CRM) integrations.

UCaaS phones can also support application programming interfaces (APIs), and customers can use Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and APIs to embed cloud-based communication features. These can greatly enhance business workflows and applications.

If you’re contemplating a full-featured unified communications solution, then UCaaS might just be that solution. If you want to streamline your message, voice technologies, and video, saving you a tonne on monthly costs, then AllThingsCX can switch your business phones over to UCaaS, which promises you all that and more.

We’ll work closely with you to implement UCaaS cloud-based phone systems that will take the strain off IT admin issues while simultaneously boosting your employees’ user experience. And thanks to our extensive range of reliable partnerships, we can provide you with the latest features, offering robust benefits that you find elsewhere.

Cloud Phone Systems


By adopting Cloud Communications, businesses can benefit from improved customer experience and reduced redundant spending. The cloud-based solution offers a seamless, unified communication experience that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. You can enhance customer interactions, streamline processes, and better manage customer data to drive customer satisfaction and increase return on investment. The cloud-based nature of the solution eliminates the need for expensive hardware, reducing the burden on your IT infrastructure.

UCaaS vs CCaaS

While UCaaS and CCaaS cloud-based phone systems share a lot of overlap, they shouldn’t be treated as the same system. UCaaS business phones are designed to connect your whole business toolbox, bringing all your channels and apps into one ecosystem and enhancing communication between your team members.

Meanwhile, CCaaS business phones are intended to enhance customer interactions, taking these interactions to the next level. CCaaS cloud-based phone systems feature multiple support channels integrated into one system. And they offer tools that help save agents a lot of time and energy.

In short, UCaaS is used predominantly for internal communications and team management, though it can be expanded with contact centre functionality. Meanwhile, CCaaS cloud-based phone systems are used more for external communication and are intended to enhance customer support.

Find out how simple it is to integrate cloud communications into Microsoft Teams. Call AllThingsCX today on 020 8124 3446 for a free business comms review and to book a demo.

Cloud Phone Systems

Our Services

Here at AllThingsCX, we’re always on hand to help organisations improve their internal and external communications technologies. If you’re looking to upgrade your business phones and considering cloud-based phone systems, it can be daunting knowing where to begin. Surely such an upheaval isn’t worth all the effort.

And it can be challenging switching over all your business phones while maintaining your operations. Fortunately, you have AllThingsCX working tirelessly on your behalf. We make the whole process as stress-free as possible. We’ll get your business phones switched over in no time, saving you time and energy.

We offer comprehensive support, with services that cover each step of the process. These services are as follows:

Read on to learn more.


You’ll have customers calling, or you’ll have internal discussions that cannot be put on hold; in short, your business can’t sit and wait for you to upgrade your phones. With our consultancy service, we nail down the right solution for your business straight out of the gate.

We take you through a data-driven, unbiased process to help identify and choose suitable cloud-based phone systems to handle calls and more. We work with you, helping you get to grips with the ever-changing technology landscape.

Through our extensive consultation service, we will assess your current setup, identify providers, and explain to you the ROI benefits and cloud-based phone solutions that will help your business achieve its goals.

This current-state technical assessment is a great way to see where you’re at in terms of project aims and current technological solutions. We interview stakeholders and create realistic project timelines. We identify, evaluate, measure, and carefully select providers.

We work with a host of reputable technology vendors, and we conduct financial and ROI analysis, delivering a scorecard that compares what each provider offers.

Lastly, we’ve curated the best technology partnerships the industry has to offer. This ensures we can supply UCaaS and CCaaS cloud-based calling services that come with the most advanced features, integrations, etc.


Time is of the essence, so you don’t want to be waiting through a long and tedious setup. We work quickly to help you realise your CCaaS or UCaaS vision as quickly as possible.

We ensure that your cloud-based phone communications technologies are set up within the agreed timeframe and that the solution exceeds your business’s requirements.

Our team becomes an extension of yours, assisting with all areas of your cloud-based technology deployment. This includes project management; we lead successful project deliveries, and our project managers are always on standby to help you navigate project roadblocks, identify potential risks, and ensure timelines are met.

As part of our implementation services, we work with you every step of the way, from configuration and training to post-live support. We’re with you every step of the way.


Our support team is on hand to maximise the value of your technology investment. Through our technology optimisation services, you can extract the full potential of your cloud-based phone system. We offer expert technical guidance, education, and support services, ensuring your business’s success.

We will assist you every step of the way. Our dedicated customer success manager will ensure that you and your team receive the necessary resources and ongoing guidance for your technology and industry investments. And we’ll keep you informed of best-practice trends while advocating support with technology vendors that benefits our clients.

Through AllThingsCX, you’ll receive managed services and expert support at all times. We’re always on standby and ready to assist whenever an issue arises. Contact us, and you’ll be assigned a specific support team who are aware of and able to rapidly assist you with your requirements.

AllThingsCX has a fully equipped and trained technical account team. We can arrange for ongoing strategy meetings that give you the option to discuss matters with our experts. This can arrange from system upgrades and updates to contact centre integrations and enhancements. Whatever you’d like to run past our technical account team, don’t hesitate to do so.

We’ll work closely with you from start to finish, ensuring that you receive the support you need to get the most out of our cloud-based phones.

Cloud Phone Systems

Our Resources 

Choosing between the various phone systems available is a big decision, and you’ll want all the information to hand. We’ve upgraded thousands of business phones over the years, and many of our efforts have been documented on our website. These resources should hopefully give you a better understanding of what we do as a company, so you’ll know who to turn to if you’re looking to upgrade your phones.


Over on our media page, you’ll find information about some of the many vendors that we’ve partnered with. You’ll also see examples of our communications systems in action, so you can see the various features for yourself. You’ll find videos that will hopefully provide you with invaluable insights.


Whether you’re receiving external calls from customers or making internal calls to fellow team members, it’s always good to know as much as possible about your phones and the technology behind them. We have articles on our website that will help keep you up to date with the latest news and advice regarding these technologies.

Case Studies

We work with countless clients and have revolutionised the way they all make and receive external and internal calls. You can read about some of these successes on our case studies page.


AllThingsCX is powered by a cloud contact centre software leader, Nice CXone, with the world’s leading cloud customer experience platform. From individualised experiences to improved efficiencies & flexibilities and 24/7 support channels, the AI-powered cloud-based CCaaS platform is designed to turn agents into superheroes.

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So, if you want to offer a seamless experience for your customers and an easy way for your business phone operators to handle the influx of calls that they receive, look no further than AllThingsCX. With NICE CXone, you have the industry’s only unified cloud customer experience platform. Expect an unparalleled experience across the entire customer journey that changes the way you interact with your customer base.

Here at AllThingsCX, we’re immensely proud of our intelligent cloud-based phone system. Those who’ve adopted our cloud phone service have had nothing but positive things to say, and you, too, can experience the same when you upgrade today. Begin your contact centre or unified communications transformation now.

The quickest way to get in touch with AllThingsCX to enquire about our cloud phone systems is to call 020 8124 3446. If you’d prefer, you can also fill out our online contact form or email to learn more about how we simplify handling calls.

Let us show you how valuable the switch to cloud can be.

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