Daryn Talks to the Judges Ahead of the Insurance CX Awards

Our very own Technical Director of CX Transformations, Daryn Robinson, has been selected to serve as a judge at the 2023 Insurance CX Awards. Ahead of the ceremony, he sat down with Modern Insurance Magazine to discuss the importance of good CX, his upcoming judge slot, and more.

Insurance CX Awards

Five Minutes with the Judges: Daryn Robinson

Daryn began the five-minute segment by explaining how he felt CX drives business growth. “With each positive experience, your customer will have a shift in their perception of you and your business, viewing you as a partner and an ally instead of simply a vendor.” Daryn went on to remark on how it’s possible to build excellent brand loyalty through consistent, great CX.

Of course, you can’t talk of good CX without mentioning the bad. Daryn had no trouble defining bad CX as any situation where the customer or client feels that their expectations were not met. This could be something as simple as being put on hold or being transferred endlessly between departments. Bad CX can also include using negative language, repeating the same questions, or not having the correct customer information readily available.

Daryn went on to say that the industry can address these problems by listening and responding to customers’ needs at every touchpoint, and technology can play a vital role.

Improving Customer Engagement Through Technology

As the interview progressed, Daryn was asked how customer engagement can be improved through technology and what advantages exist in relation to the customer experience.

“I would say engagement is primarily improved when you choose a CX platform that connects every journey in the digital communication channels of a customer base, and with seamless access to the CRM application of choice”, explains Daryn.

He goes on to say that the advantages of CX are clear. CX provides:

  • CX Agents with the Tools They Need to Ensure the Customer is Not Left Behind
  • Real-Time Gathering of Data
  • Industry-Leading AI Technologies
  • And More

Even minor interactions can become tremendous opportunities with the right approach and tools.

Daryn’s Moment in the Spotlight

As the interview wrapped up, Daryn was asked about which aspects of the judging position at the Insurance CX Awards piqued his interest and what he was most looking forward to.

“There’s been this phenomenal explosion of CX in recent times, alongside the use of technology and how it is blending in so many ways. Businesses are recognising they need to upgrade their technologies to keep ahead of the game, and being on the judging panel provides a great opportunity to pioneer this and celebrate great CX across the industry.”

Daryn concluded by remarking on how he looks forward to seeing how the winners in certain categories react. “I’m not sure if I am allowed to say which ones – but I am sure you can guess”, explained Daryn.

And if he could say one thing to the award winners on the night, it would be to keep the customer’s journey simple.

What is the Insurance CX Awards?

The Insurance CX Awards, brought to you by Modern Insurance Magazine, is an awards ceremony that recognises outstanding customer service. Formerly known as the UK Customer Service Excellence Awards, the Insurance CX Awards enters its fifth year with a new look on categories, celebrating customer service success in the insurance and broker markets.

The 2023 shortlist has been announced, and this year’s Insurance CX Awards will take place on Wednesday, the 15th of February, with Daryn Robinson in attendance as one of the judges.

Who is Daryn Robinson, and What is AllThingsCX?

Daryn Robinson is the Technical Director of CX Transformations for AllThingsCX, a trusted partner in CX communications. AllThingsCX acts as an extension of your team at all stages of your unified communications or contact centre journey. From guidance to execution and optimisation, their team oversees the critical elements of the selection process, such as financial analysis (ROI/ TCO), meetings, and more.

Furthermore, AllThingsCX facilitates post-selection items, including:

  • Project Implementation
  • Ongoing Education and Advocacy
  • Contract Negotiations

Their capabilities are available in CCaaS, UCaaS, WFM, analytics, and other customer key engagement services and technologies. At present, AllThingsCX is working on exciting projects with a considerable emphasis on improving the customer experience for customers and clients.

If you would like to hear more about what AllThingsCX do or Daryn’s participation in the Insurance CX Awards, call 020 8124 3446.

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