Glen Speaks to Modern Insurance Magazine

Cloud Phone and Contact Centre

Glen Speaks to Modern Insurance Magazine

One of our Project Managers, Glen Bevis, sat down with Modern Insurance Magazine to discuss everything from the evolution of the customer experience to current projects. The interview was conducted as part of a new and exciting partnership between AllThingsCX and Modern Insurance Magazine.

Glen’s Role at AllThingsCX

Glen is a project manager at AllThingsCX, so it’s his responsibility to oversee the daily operations of projects and ensure that the team can effectively deliver products to clients. He tells Modern Insurance Magazine, “I am hands-on with every aspect and stage of a project, working with individuals from around the world.” Before working with the team at AllThingsCX, Glen worked as a sports statistician for a national newspaper but changed careers due to the decline of print journalism. On the reasons for this transition, Glen notes, “The industry’s growth and technological advancements were too promising to ignore.” 

As a project manager, Glen always has his hands full. AllThingsCX is always looking to exceed the expectations of clients as the company continues to take on ambitious projects for clients. With Modern Insurance Magazine, Glen discusses one of our largest current endeavours, which involves an enterprise company. “ATCX has been contracted to provide telephony and contact centres to 2,500 users across more than 20 countries. This company had mostly outdated on-premises PBX systems or no telephony at all. Following the success of the rollout in Australia, they expanded it globally to over 60 sites.” 

Glen also talks about another project we’re working on involving Nice CXone, delivering a cloud contact centre to approximately 450 agents. Alongside these larger projects, our team is also providing ongoing technical support to clients, specialising in cloud communications. 

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What Makes Excellent CX? 


While you might think there’s a general consensus on what makes great CX, the viewpoint of professionals varies. On this subject, Glen gives his opinion – “To me, excellent CX involves treating customers well and ensuring their satisfaction with our service and technology.” Glen goes on to note that AllThingsCX offers the “best and most reputable technologies”, specifically mentioning the company’s belief in offering a value-for-money service. Clients who deal with our team can expect to receive, as Glen puts it, “a high level of service, from the start of the project to long after it is completed.” 

Integrated Cloud Solutions

The Evolution of CX

The world of CX is always changing, no more so than in the last few years, courtesy of the pandemic. What’s more, new technologies are continuously being released and updated. Glen notes in his interview that these advancements “include AI and cloud-based contact centres with real-time data and reporting capabilities.” For the team at AllThingsCX, it’s essential to keep up to date with the industry and the latest changes. “Customer engagement methods are continually changing, and we must keep up with their demands and expectations.” 

Glen admits that customer expectations are shifting along with the industry in general, particularly given that the pandemic has altered the day-to-day operations of many companies. He notes, “More staff work from home and financial challenges have arisen, leading to the need for more trust in what is delivered.” Generally, customers will always expect the best service for the best price, which is what the team at AllThingsCX strive to deliver.

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Who Are AllThingsCX?

AllThingsCX will act as an extension of your team, taking you through a straightforward unified communications or contact centre journey. Our staff will guide you through a professional process that’s complete with financial analysis, meetings, and more. 

The versatile team at AllThingsCX supports post-selection tasks such as: 

  • Contract Negotiations 
  • Ongoing Education and Advocacy 
  • Project Implementation 

We provide services and technologies for CCaaS, UCaaS, WFM, analytics, and other key customer engagement services. Our team is currently working on projects aimed at enhancing the customer experience. 

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