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Experience the Power of Cloud Communications with ATCX’s Implementation Pro Service.

Introducing AllThingsCX’s Implementation Pro Service, in partnership with RingCentral. This cost-effective service provides end-to-end guidance for setting up RingCentral Cloud Communications. Pay only for the licensing fee and save significantly, subject to eligibility.

What is ATCX's Implementation Pro Service?

ATCX’s Implementation Pro Service is a valuable offering that provides small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the implementation of a cost-effective unified cloud communications service . By teaming up with ATCX and RingCentral, businesses can benefit from comprehensive guidance and cost reduction, all without any obligations. The process is simple: you only need to pay the license fee directly to RingCentral, allowing ATCX to accelerate your transformation journey with expert Professional Services.

Please note that eligibility for the Implementation Pro Service is dependent on the size of your business. To determine if your business qualifies, please review the eligibility requirements outlined below.

UCaaS is a cloud-based communication service that integrates various communication and collaboration tools into a single platform, delivered over the Internet through a subscription model, providing businesses with scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

AI for Everyone

Voice Recognition

Virtual Agents

Natural Language Processing


Real-Time Analytics

Schedule Adherence



Sentiment Analysis

Auto Diallers Feature List

Anticipating What's Ahead

At ATCX, we strive to ensure that your experience from application to solution delivery is seamless, efficient, and hassle-free. We are committed to delivering exceptional services and supporting your organisation’s growth and success.

ATCX helps you transform your communication with a custom solution from Ring Central, a cloud telephony leader. We evaluate your needs and current state, and work with you to create the best option.

You get to design your telephony solution with ATCX and Ring Central, the best in cloud communication. We will ensure it fits your situation and goals, and give you a transparent contract with flexible support options.

You will get your custom telephony solution delivered fast and free, typically within 90 days of signing the contract. Plus, if you sign up before March 31st, 2024, you will enjoy 3 months of free support after launch, adding more value to our services.

Stages of Implementation Pro

Complimentary Consultation with ATCX

  • ATCX Engaged
  • Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment
  • Information Gathering and Analysis

Solution Delivery

  • Solution Implementation
  • Successful Go Live
  • O: Testimonial (optional)

Contract Signing and Scope Validation

  •  Collaboration with Ring Central
  • Contract Signature directly with Ring Central
  • O: Scope Confirmation Document

Receive Post Launch Support (if signed on for*)

*Enjoy 3 Months of Complimentary Post Launch Support if Signed Before March 31st, 2024!

Stages of Implementation Pro


Complimentary Consultation with ATCX

  • ATCX Engaged
  • Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment
  • Information Gathering and Analysis


Contract Signing and Scope Validation

  • Collaboration with Ring Central
  • Contract Signature directly with Ring Central
  • Scope Confirmation Document


Solution Delivery

  • Solution Implementation
  • Successful Go Live
  • Testimonial (optional)


Receive Post Launch Support (if signed on for*)

*Enjoy 3 Months of Complimentary Post Launch Support if Signed Before March 31st, 2024!


Would we get cheaper pricing if we went direct?
The UK channel model is structured to ensure pricing parity across the board. Therefore, pricing for products and services remains consistent, regardless of whether you use ATCX or not. This means that you can still directly negotiate with your chosen vendor for all costs, but end-end professional services (ATCX’s  unique service outlined above) will incur additional costs.
Why are you doing this?

Our goal is to support and empower SMBs by providing them with top-notch tools and professional services without any cost. As certified partners, we have a strong collaboration that allows us to earn a referral fee, enabling us to extend our assistance to more SMBs in their journey towards success.

How do you make your money?

Our revenue model is based on being a certified delivery partner with the vendor, i.e., RingCentral. When an SMB chooses RingCentral through our service, we receive a referral payment. This payment is seamlessly integrated with the provision of our professional services, allowing us to continue offering topnotch assistance to SMBs while ensuring a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership with the vendors.

What types of businesses does ATCX specialise in serving?

ATCX specialises in delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences to businesses across all industries. We maintain an unbiased approach, ensuring that every client receives the same high-quality service, creating a level playing field for all. Our services are open to all business in need of unified communication.

What industries have you worked with in the past?

Insurance, Finance, Publishing, Education, Real Estate & Housing, Automobile

What specific services does ATCX provide?

 Digital Transformation Consultancy, UCaaS & CCaaS Implementation (end-end and improvements), training, post launch support.  Implementation Pro cover UCaaS only.

Can you provide examples of successful projects or case studies?

Yes, please view our Case Studies

What sets ATCX apart from other technology consulting firms in the industry?

Why we are different:

  1. Unlike other technology consultants, ATCX puts a strong emphasis on being a certified delivery partner with Ring Central, a leading vendor to ensure top-quality services for our clients.
  2. With years of industry experience, our team, consisting of skilled engineers like Tristan (featured here), can offer expertise of endto-end project delivery, bespoke consultations and tailored solutions for your technology transformation initiatives
Terms & Conditions
  • Small and Medium Business (SMB) with fewer than 300 employees are eligible for the services outlined above.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with more than 300 employees will require further evaluation to determine eligibility.
  • Post Project Support Service: For contracts signed before March 2024, customers will receive free 3-month support upon contract signature.
  • End-to-End service must be initiated within 3 months of signing the contract and completed within 6 months; otherwise, a re-evaluation will be necessary. The service level agreement (SLA) for up and down times can be provided upon request.
  • The service may have certain limitations and exclusions, such as functionalities that are not outlined and any thirdparty costs, including:
    • Integrations with CRM or any third-party systems may be subject to additional costs.
    • Clients are responsible for their own technologies in relation to the service.
    • The implementation process will be conducted remotely.
    • Porting LOAS (Letter of Authorisation) includes up to 3 attempts for number allocations.
    • Network Remediation is the customer’s responsibility. Network assessment can be arranged with an additional cost.
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) must receive preapproval from RingCentral/ATCX before implementation.
    • Inclusion of Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) is not within the scope of this service, which solely covers Unified Communications (UC). If a contact centre environment is identified, additional Professional Services (PS) fees may apply.

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