Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity | Cloud Telephony

Productivity and Cloud-Based Telephony Strategies

Productivity is a term often associated with large corporations, but its significance extends to small businesses as well. In today’s dynamic business landscape, productivity should be a central goal for any workplace. Enhanced productivity not only leads to higher customer satisfaction but can also transform customer service into a profit centre. With the growing importance of seamless customer interactions and the adoption of new communication channels, the relevance of productivity has never been more pronounced. Surprisingly, recent statistics from RingCentral (2023) reveal that 75% of agents reported dissatisfaction at work due to hosted business phone systems hindering their productivity.

As such, let’s now look how the RingCentral, a Gartner Magic Quadrant top 10 company’s Easy AI package, can help small to medium businesses gain productivity through their cloud-based telephony solution strategies, i.e. Unified Communications, Contact Centres and AI.

1. Cut Down Distractions

Distractions can be detrimental to productivity, costing both time and money by interrupting workflows and reducing overall efficiency. This problem persists even in non-traditional work environments, such as remote work settings. Often, distractions arise from the complexity of communication apps or the urgency of certain job roles. To mitigate these distractions effectively, RingCentral offers several features.

RingCentral’s “Push to Talk” feature, for instance, enables quick and focused communication, reducing unnecessary interruptions. Additionally, asynchronous communication empowers employees to respond at their own pace, minimising disruptions. The proposed “Focus Mode” presents an exciting potential for enhancing concentration during work.

2. Tap Into the Potential of Automation

Automation is recognised as a high-value strategy to improve efficiency and productivity for an effortless agent experience. RingCentral offers automation features that can significantly reduce the time spent on manual and repetitive tasks. By embracing these features, teams can free up valuable time for more strategic and high-impact activities.

Leveraging RingCentral APIs, businesses can streamline integration with other tools and systems, such as CRMS, fostering seamless workflow processes. The “Smart Routing” feature automatically assigns messages to agents with the right skills, resulting in improved response times and heightened productivity. Moreover, RingCX’s AI assistance can enhance agent capabilities through knowledge bases, contextual answers, and chatbots capable of handling basic requests.


3. Organise Tasks and Prioritise

Contrary to the often-touted concept of multitasking, it can be ineffective when it comes to enhancing productivity. Instead, organisations should focus on organising tasks and prioritising them effectively. To counter failing efficacy as attention becomes scattered, organisations are turning to task management solutions within UCaaS providers.

 For instance, RingCentral’s task module stands out as an exemplary tool. This feature empowers teams to systematically organise, assign, and track tasks collaboratively, fostering transparency and accountability. By consolidating task-related communication within the UCaaS environment, this tool minimises distractions, streamlining workflows, and contributing to a more productive and cohesive work culture


4. Have Shorter, More Targeted Meetings

Another pivotal aspect of boosting productivity is prioritising the optimisation of meetings in unified communication strategies. Rather than prolonged gatherings that may lead to time wastage, efficient management calls for shorter, more targeted meetings. RingCentral addresses this need by providing features that streamline meetings. Notably, the “Breakout Rooms” and “Huddles” functionalities foster concentrated discussions within smaller groups, minimising unnecessary participants and distractions. This approach not only enhances the quality of interactions but also ensures that teams have swift access to essential information, reducing meeting durations and elevating overall efficiency in the collaborative workflow.


Furthermore, RingSense and its AI capabilities highlight the critical moments of the buyer journey, in real-time, during the call. This allows salespeople to focus on the real value behind the call and finding their next big win in a shorter period. RingSense also removes the guesswork of what to do next by identifying next steps in these sales meetings and conversations.

5. Track Your Performance

Monitoring performance is essential for heightened productivity, but it doesn’t require a micromanagement approach. RingCentral facilitates this approach by offering proactive business intelligence features. These tools enable organisations to monitor performance effectively without invasive oversight. Through analytics tools that track key performance indicators (KPIs) across communication channels, RingCentral provides a real-time, global view of activity. Moreover, businesses can leverage gamification tools to encourage productivity and cultivate healthy competition among team members. By incorporating these features, organisations can foster a culture of continuous improvement and performance excellence, all while maintaining a balanced and non-intrusive approach to monitoring and enhancing productivity.

AllThingsCX Implementation Pro

In a crux stand to gain significant productivity benefits from adopting Cloud Telephony. These solutions provide not only scalability and flexibility but also streamline communication channels, fostering internal collaboration and improving client interactions.

AllThingsCX’s Implementation Pro service emerges as an exemplary choice for SMBs looking to leverage these technologies. With the inclusion of free consultancy and professional services, AllThingsCX goes beyond conventional solutions. The free consultancy ensures that the implementation aligns precisely with the unique needs and goals of the SMB, providing tailored guidance for maximum efficiency.

Moreover, the professional services offered by AllThingsCX are geared towards simplifying the adoption process. By choosing Implementation Pro, SMBs can navigate the complexities of implementing cloud based phone system and UCaaS with confidence, ensuring that the technology is seamlessly integrated into their operations. This personalised and comprehensive approach underscores AllThingsCX’s commitment to the success of SMBs, making their Implementation Pro service a standout option for those seeking both expertise and a commitment to enhanced productivity through advanced unified communication solutions.

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